A Message From The CEO


Shannon Brown



Welcome To Create Your Own Empire Internet Headquarters. I'm Shannon Brown the CEO & Founder and I'm so excited to have you apart of our community here. With almost 10 years in business I understand the struggle, stress, and frustration of being a new entrepreneur. 

I know how it feels to have an amazing product but also the feeling of not being able to sell my amazing products to anyone. 

I get how draining it can feel to show up for social media everyday with a smile but to leave with a frown. 

If I can be honest with you for a moment, it was the struggle that lead me exactly to where I'm today. All the losses over the years, weren't complete losses. I was able to learn the lesson in the loss and teach other entrepreneurs in my shoes how to not make the same mistakes I made. 

As our internet headquarters grow I look forward to providing you with the essentials you need to help you Create Your Own Empire. I wanted to ensure that you not only learn form me but stay inspired and motivated to continue your journey down the road of entrepreneurship.

While that journey can feel lonely at times rest assure your in a community filled with thousands of entrepreneurs just like yourself, who are walking the same path. 

After taking a peek around the headquarters you probably noticed two things we love Marketing & Manifesting. We believe in the power of marketing your products to the right people will bring you ultimate success and wealth. 

Now my question to you is; can you see where you're going?

If you can't see where you're going in business how will you ever reach your dream life you deserve? How will you know what you need to accomplish? One thing I can promise you is this... stick around the CYOE headquarters for a while and absorb all the information you need so you can take that back and being to apply it to your Empire. 

If you ever need anything from me directly please feel free to email me at sbrown@cyoempire.com I answers all emails myself. 


-Shannon Brown